Audio details

Loudness / average volume

  • We need all clips to have +- the same volume. If there is one clip that is too loud, the operator will put the volume down for the whole pre-show and as a result all the other clips, who did respect the sound limits, suffer. That is why we do not accept clips that are too loud.
  • The current norm in cinema audio is Dolby’s 85 dB LEQ, which can only be measured with the Dolby Cat 737. Since not every audio studio has this hardware device, we will verify/correct all incoming audio.

5.1 mix (6 channels)

  • All modern cinemas use 6 channels of audio, and we want to use all of them for the commercials too. This is why we demand usage of a 5.1 mix. If we only have stereo, only the L/R speakers are used.
  • The 6 channels are L/R/C/LFE/Ls/Rs (Left/Right/Center/Low Freq/Left Surround/Right Surround).
  • This is what a correct 5.1 mix looks like:
  • and this will not be accepted: